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company news about Corona Virus news

China Trumony Aluminum Limited certification
China Trumony Aluminum Limited certification
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Price is good, delivery time is quick. I’m so impressed by your products which all of them are in a high quality. Wish your business prosperous.

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Thanks for your time Tracy.I have learned positive things because of you,You are great person.

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Trumony firması ile 2006 senesinde tanıştık. İlk tanışmamızda firmanın daha yeni kurulduğunu, genç ve dinamik insanlar olduğunu fark ettik. İlk günden kazandığımız güven duygusu 13 sene sonunda gördük ki bizi yanıltmamış. Profesyonel yönetim kadrosu ve ekibi ile yurtdışında rastlanabilecek firmalardan biri olan Trumony firması Uzak Doğu'nun Alüminy

—— Murat Gunes

As you have said the economy after the lockdown go on slowly. We have no idea which will be the future. Many economists say that the world start a new changed process. The economy as we know it will be not the same in the future.I think it too.In the meanwhile we only can do our best.Thanks for your support.Every efforts we do, now more than ever

—— Monica Belfiore

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Company News
Corona Virus news
Latest company news about Corona Virus news

It is a special festival this year.Due to the Corona Virus happened from Wuhai Hubei province in Dec,China government decided to extend the holiday to Feb 10th firstly.So that the population transit will be stopped to the maxinum extent.Citizens are encouraged to stay at home separately so that the people who might be infected already can be separately away from the healthy ones.


Maybe from western style treatment,the virus seems to be very hard to treat,because no medicine can kill it.However,there are tens of thousands of virus available in the world and also tens of thousands yet to come into the world,there will always be virus which can not be killed be medicines discovered by human.So we can see all the medicines experiment are always following the diseases only.The medicine which are invented in the market are always targeting those diseases which has big patients populations.Because inventing the new molecular of medicine takes a lot of investment and no one will invest in those medicine which can not bring them profit about the invention.That is a sad circle about the pharaceutical industry.


So how to prevent from being infected?How to stay healthy rather than being ill and reply on the medicines.From traditional Chinese treatment theory.we will find the answer.In the acient book of The Yellow Emperor's Medicine Classic ,having a conclusion that balanced man does not ill.Then who to be a balanced man?There are two aspects of balance,balance in body and balance in emotion.Balance in physical body means we live according to nature.Say,we get up early in Spring,exercise more in summar,eat more fruit in autumn and sleep early in winter.Making our body sensitive so that we can hear what our body really want.Then guides our soul be together with our body.Then only we can find the right way to prevent about all the viruses.


Anyhow,as we can see,the virus is easy to be infected but not dangerous.According to our traditional treatment,it is easy to get it treated.We firmly believe that China can overcome disease. In order to cooperate with the government and reduce mutual infection, it will take a while for factories and enterprises to resume normal production. Some workers need an observation period to ensure they are healthy. Therefore, there will be delays in the delivery of products in the near future, and logistics may also be delayed.


We will keep your information updated, in the meantime we are constantly striving for faster and better delivery of customer orders. Thank you for your support and trust.



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