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company news about New energy vehicle BTMS components---Stamped liquid cold plate

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China Trumony Aluminum Limited certification
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Company News
New energy vehicle BTMS components---Stamped liquid cold plate
Latest company news about New energy vehicle BTMS components---Stamped liquid cold plate

What is the liquid cold plate ?

In order to meet the requirements of long cruising range of electric vehicles, the energy density of single batteries used in electric vehicles and the number of cells continue to rise, which leads to an increase in the heat load of battery packs. However, due to the limitation of vehicle layout space and vehicle weight, the gap between batteries is reduced, and the heat dissipation space is reduced. Traditional natural heat dissipation and forced air cooling can no longer meet the cooling requirements of batteries under high-rate charging and discharging and other vehicle operating conditions. . In order to keep the temperature of the power lithium battery within an appropriate range and ensure the safety and service life of the battery system, it is necessary to develop a high-efficiency liquid cooling system. One of the important components in a liquid cooling system is the liquid cold plate.


Comparison of liquid cooling and air cooling


Cooling type Coolant Volume Cost
Natural cooling Radiator Large Low
Air cooling Fan/radiator/air channel Medium Medium
Liquid cooling Liquid cold plate/ heat radiator/heat pump Small High


Trumony Provided liquid cooling plate

The flow channel plates are produced by stamping. The upper cold plate and the bottom cold plate are brazed and fixed to form a flow channels. The inlet & outlet are made by CNC and welded to the aluminum cold plate. The flat side plate is for battery installation.


Technological characteristics

Low cost for mass production & high production efficiency .The flow channel can be more reasonably designed according to the heat source. It is suitable for bottom heat exchange at the bottom of prismatic cells and cylindrical cells.

latest company news about New energy vehicle BTMS components---Stamped liquid cold plate  0


How to develop the liquid cooling solution for your EV or ESS battery pack ?


Trumony can design, make and distribute various battery cooling products and cooling solution for battery electric vehicle ,battery energy storage system and eVTOL .To design the optimum cooling solution to you , which request you to input the necessary requirement :


① Study the manufacturing process of different liquid cooling plates for your project, and compare the advantages and disadvantages, costs and scope of application of different liquid cooling forms;


② Flexibly develop the flow channel design according to your application field, choose a liquid cooling system with stronger applicability and higher heat transfer efficiency, and the cooling rate and heating rate can be customized on demand (for example, not less than 1°C/min)


③ Develop a liquid cooling system with better temperature uniformity (for example, during the cooling process, the temperature difference of the battery pack does not exceed 5°C; during the heating process, the temperature difference of the battery pack does not exceed 8°C)


④ Develop a liquid cooling system with higher reliability (for example, the pressure resistance is above 350kPa, and the service life is as long as 10 years; the total flow resistance of the liquid cooling system is in the range of 20~30kPa)


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